Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to know to prepare for winter pool care?

A:  If you're wondering if you should continue weekly pool service the answer is yes.
Since the water is cooler the chemistry will stay somewhat in range for longer periods of time (2 to 3 weeks). If the pool is prone to vegetation. Weekly pool service will help keep the phosphates from getting out of control in the water. It won't eliminate, but will help. The weather below 94 degrees is ideal for water draining, acid washes, and chlorine washes.
Reasons for either of these

1. Draining the water, you will want to drain if the water is older than 3 years old. This will ensure fresh water for optimal chemistry balancing during peak summer, swim season.

2. Acid wash, this process will remove most rust, or algae staining. Most importantly it will remove phosphates living in the pools surface. If your pool does have issues with high phosphate readings. Just simply draining will not remove the issue. This process is specifically for phosphate surface removal.

3. Chlorine wash, this is ideal for black algae removal. When black algae is rooted in the surface it can be almost impossible to remove. Using liquid chlorine and a specialty brush will kill and remove algae completely. This process is ideal for Pebble tech, and pebble sheen surfaces.

For any further Information feel free to email us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Q: Should I acid wash my pool? Should I just drain it?
A: Both of these must be performed at temperatures below 94 degrees. Otherwise the surface of your pool will crack due to heat. If during peak summer you were experiencing an issue balancing chemistry. It's possible the stabilizer is to high in the water.

As previously stated on the website. When the stabilizer rises too high it inhibits the other property's in the water from being balanced. Water becomes locked out and can causes algae, green pool, or just zero chlorine readings weekly. To remove the stabilizer from the water it must be drained and refilled to start water chemistry balancing over again.

Now, a pools water should be drained and refilled every 3 to 5 years. Sometimes sooner depending on chemistry balancing over time. In those 3 to 5 years as the pool is used, phosphates begin to pollute the water. Phosphates come from vegetation, urine, pets, skin oils and various other sources. These phosphates live in the water as well as the surface of the pool.

In order to remove the contaminates completely we drain and use muriatic acid, water mixture to treat the surface to kill them completely. Just draining the pool will fix a stabilizer issue, but phosphates will still continue to live in the surface. Performing both will insure the stabilizer can be Maintained as well as phosphates removed.

Please seek professional advise to properly perform these actions. A professional should be able to add the proper amount of start up chemicals to balance the water chemistry with the fresh source.

Q: My pool is green what should I do?



  • Things to test-Chemistry how is the chlorine level? If at a zero, check your filtration (are you back washing?) 

  • Is there circulation? the system should be running at least 8 hours during peak summer times. 

  • DE filtration- if there's blow back into the pool (white media or dark dirt) this indicates maintenance inside the filter needs to be repaired. Please contact the Pool Experts.

  • Sand filtration- if there's blow back into the pool this indicates either bad sand or damaged laterals inside system. Sand should be changed every 3-5 years depending on how much debris the pool is prone to. If yes, please call the Pool Experts. 

  • Cartridge filtration- if circulation is low and pressure is high or if there is blow back into the pool. Either the cartridges need to be cleaned or if cracked on the tops, replaced. Manifold may be damaged causing blow back. If so, please call the Pool Experts.

  • If filtration and circulation is sufficient test the following:

  • Phosphates, if the pool has phosphates it will consume all the chlorine in the water until it's removed. Phosphates build over time from use and various types of contaminates that land in the water.  If yes, please call the Pool Experts.  

  • Stabilizer, or conditioner? If it's higher than 150 PPB. The pool may be in what's called "lockout" with levels to high, ph and chlorine will be inconsistent or unable to balance at all. The pool must be drained. Please call the Pool Experts.

  • Any of these factors may cause a green pool. If you'd like assistance in your diagnosing, Please contact and subscribe to one of our various home care packages.