-Full Weekly Service: as low as $79/month
-Pool Repairs: Pumps, Motors, Filters, Green  Pools, Vacuum Cleaners, Kool Deck,  Resurfacing, Filter Cleans, Chemicals,  Supplies and Much More!

Do you live in beautiful Desert Ridge?  Right next to the Desert Ridge Marketplace, the Desert Ridge area is known for its beauty and as a wonderful place to live.  The sense of community is second to none here.  The residents care about each other and they care about maintaining the beauty of the area's unique standard.  This includes your pool! We take pride in providing the best pool service in Desert Ridge available.  We work with real professionals who are certified to take care of the pool's water chemistry, equipment and all-around cleanliness of the pool.  If you live in the Desert Ridge area, then we are the pool service for you!  The best place in North Phoenix deserves the best pool cleaning and care.  Click here to e-mail us directly for pool cleaning and pool service in Desert Ridge.



Full Weekly Service: as low as $79/month

What does pool service in Desert Ridge include?  Here at Pool Experts, we insure that your pool is cleaned weekly.  We balance necessary chemicals, brush the walls and steps, skim out any leaves or debris in the pool, empty out all baskets, backwash D.E. filters and sand filters as needed, and inspect pool equipment and report back any necessary repairs needed with your pool equipment.

Do you have any other questions about your swimming pool? We are here to help!  Anything from basic functions of your swimming pool, pool repairs, variable speed pump questions, draining and acid washing your pool, pool filters and pool vacuum cleaners.

What Does Pool Service Include?
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Green Pool! Need Help?
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Desert Ridge Residents Looking For Pool Service- Contact Here! 

If you live in the Desert Ridge area and are looking for pool service or pool repairs, ask us about our special rates on pool repairs! Pool service rates start as low as $79 per month for play pools and $89 per month for diving pools. If you have any friends or neighbors in Desert Ridge looking for pool service and cleaning, we will give you a free month of pool service for every customer who signs up!

North phoenix pool service- www,poolexpertsaz.com
desert ridge pool service- www.poolexpertsaz.com
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Desert Ridge pool service, North Scottsdale pool service, North Phoenix pool service
Desert Ridge pool service, North Scottsdale pool service, North Phoenix pool service